Fiscal framework


NDP will balance budget, invest in families: “An achievable, honest approach that puts everyday people first”

An Andrea Horwath NDP government will balance Ontario’s budget by the 2017-2018 fiscal year, while making life more affordable, rewarding companies that create jobs, and improving healthcare.

“Families know you can’t face the future under a mountain of debt; it’s no different for our province,” said Horwath. “Our responsible plan will balance the budget while making strategic investments in job creation, healthcare and tax breaks for everyday families.”

New Democrats are taking a different approach to the province’s finances than the other two major parties. Under Liberal and Progressive Conservative plans Ontario would spend nearly $2 billion by 2015 on no-strings attached corporate tax cuts, despite overwhelming evidence that companies are not using the money to create jobs. By contrast, the NDP plan ties tax cuts directly to job creation: businesses that hire new employees, make investments in machinery and equipment, and provide on-the-job training will get a tax cut.

“The other parties want to keep going down the wasteful path of giving billions of our tax dollars away while hoping for the best. I’m taking a more responsible approach by saving tax breaks for businesses that are growing our economy by putting Ontario back to work,” said Horwath. “It’s pretty simple: create a job, get a tax break.”

Both the Liberals and Progressive Conservatives propose higher levels of spending than the NDP based on rosy revenue projections that aren’t realistic in these uncertain economic times. In contrast, Horwath’s New Democrats are taking an honest approach with cautious revenue projections and lower expenditures. NDP governments have run fewer deficit budgets than any other party in Canada. Ontario’s NDP will take the same prudent approach while giving families relief by removing the HST from hydro and home heating, freezing transit fares, stopping tuition increases, and relieving pressure on property taxpayers with new investments in municipal infrastructure.

“Only New Democrats are committed to making it easier for families to balance their household budgets and to ensuring the public services they count on – health, education and transit – are there when they need them,” said Horwath. “As Premier I will deliver responsible, affordable change that puts people first.”

Download the Fiscal Framework here.

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