Affordable green choices


New Democrats will help households make affordable green choices: Horwath

A New Democrat government will help people make smart environmental choices while ensuring polluters share the burden of cleaning up our environment, says NDP Leader Andrea Horwath.

“People making smart environmental choices deserve a break,” said Horwath. “From freezing transit fares to helping people invest in home retrofits, we’ll make green choices affordable instead of making life more expensive.”

Horwath unveiled her party’s plan to confront environmental challenges while making life more affordable alongside Environment Critic Peter Tabuns. Horwath said New Democrats will make sure the biggest polluters pay for their waste – not taxpayers or municipalities.

“Companies that produce waste should be on the hook for the cost of cleaning it up, not families and municipalities,” said Horwath. “Polluters must share in the burden of cleaning up our environment.”

Key commitments from the environmental platform include:

  • Four year transit fare freeze
  • Up to $5,000 in home energy retrofit rebates
  • Phase out coal, maintain the FIT program, and bring 10,700 MW of renewable energy online by 2018
  • Invest in cycling infrastructure
  • Make sure the cost of recycling and safely disposing materials is borne by the companies that produce them, rather than taxpayers or municipalities.

Download a PDF of our Affordable Green Choices plan here.

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